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Nashville, January 14, 2002 - Nearly 350 hospital facilities and a growing list of suppliers are integrated to Medibuy's supply chain solutions. These activities have benefited from Medibuy's fourth quarter consolidation to Nashville that more closely links the company's management to technology development and operations. A streamlined product portfolio onto a single technology platform has further improved their efficiency.

Medibuy's offering adapts commercially proven and scalable technology products from partners such as Commerce One and Quovadx (formerly Healthcare.com) to solve fundamental supply chain problems. Their portfolio consists of integrated order-processing and workflow automation products that improve the accuracy and efficiency of transactions. These products include Access™, an order-cycle management product; Reqs™, a Web-based "requisition to purchase order" workflow system; and Marketplace™, where hospitals and integrated suppliers transact. Integration Professional Services deploy these products directly with client systems while minimizing the impact on Information Technology (IT) departments by using fast and repeatable integration processes, then monitoring installations remotely.

Progress With Customers Provides Solid Platform for Growth
As evidence of their operational success, Medibuy integrated 41 hospitals to its Marketplace in October exceeding their original plan, just two months after completing the technology consolidation onto a single platform. "This kind of performance is indicative of our expectations for 2002," remarks J. Edward Pearson, President and CEO of Medibuy.

Reflecting on the impact Access is having on his hospital's Materials Management department, Kary LeBlanc, a member of Premier's e-commerce steering committee and Director of Materials Management at Terrebonne General Medical Center says, "My buyers don't have to closely examine supplier acknowledgements looking for discrepancies from our purchase orders anymore (for suppliers integrated to Medibuy Marketplace), thanks to automatic discrepancy reports from Medibuy's Access product. The buyers can now focus on other things."

Commenting on Reqs, Ed Jones, VP Supply Chain Services for HCA says, "The paperless requisition process and customized approval workflow of the Reqs product, now used by over 20,000 HCA employees, has truly expedited order flow through our hospitals."

Marketplace and Access also enable hospitals to conduct business with their suppliers more efficiently. "With just one connection to the Medibuy Marketplace and one standard electronic format for all of our purchase orders, for any supplier, Medibuy's Access product has really made it easier and faster for us to do business with our suppliers," says Jim Gleich, Director of Supply Strategy for BJC Healthcare in St. Louis. "Since it takes less than 5 minutes, literally, for me to set up a new supplier in Access, I added 4 new vendors in two weeks. Before Medibuy, this was a labor intensive and tedious process," adds Kary LeBlanc.

Medibuy's growing list of suppliers integrated to their Marketplace includes Allegiance, GE Medical Systems, Medline, Steris, Fisher Scientific and others. Nearly two-dozen additional suppliers have signed agreements with Medibuy and are already scheduled for integration to their Marketplace in early 2002. Steris' Senior Director of Communication Services, Kevin Marsh, comments, "We recognize the potential B2B e-commerce offers for expanding our business. The Medibuy Marketplace positions Steris to extend our sales beyond our traditional distribution boundaries and supports our goal of using a wide variety of technologies to stimulate business growth, improve performance and increase customer satisfaction."

Looking Ahead
"In 2002, we will enhance our order processing products with expanded capabilities, continue to improve data quality so we can provide improved reporting and analysis, and provide value added services to further increase supply chain efficiency for our clients. As we begin the year with a solid financial foundation, a streamlined operation and committed partners, we look forward to making significant progress deploying our products and services to our healthcare clients," adds Pearson.

About Medibuy
Medibuy's comprehensive supply chain solutions integrate healthcare providers with their trading partners to conduct eBusiness. Medibuy's product and service portfolio solves demanding healthcare supply chain problems by adapting commercially proven and scalable technology products using healthcare supply chain and materials management expertise. Medibuy has a growing network of strategic relationships with healthcare and technology leaders to ensure its solutions meet needs of the smallest as well as the largest and most complex healthcare systems in the nation, including Premier Inc., HealthTrust Purchasing Group, HCA, Commerce One and Quovadx. For more information on Medibuy or to contact the company, please visit the company's Web site at www.medibuy.com.


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