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Medibuy maintains the transaction history of individual users of its Web site in the strictest confidence. However, we do aggregate transactional data for purposes of analyzing it to assess market and business trends, and any such aggregate data and analysis is the property of Medibuy, which may disclose that information for any purpose and in any form that does not directly identify the parties to a given transaction. The only exceptions to this non-disclosure policy will be: (a) where the parties to the transaction have authorized Medibuy to make the disclosure; (b) Medibuy believes in good faith that the disclosure is necessary to comply with law; (c) to enforce Medibuy's rights under these terms and conditions; or (d) when necessary to protect the legitimate interests of Medibuy or others. Medibuy may, from time to time, make known generally that a healthcare provider or supplier is a registered user of the Medibuy Web site.

Information We Gather and Track
Medibuy gathers data that users provide through voluntary registration on our site. Such information helps us better understand the demographics of our users. Medibuy does not share information about individual users with any third party. Medibuy is a business-to-business transactional community. Although many features of Medibuy are available to anonymous users, all users must register and be approved prior to making purchases or viewing privileged data. By registering, users take advantage of various personalized features such as the ability to see account activity and customer-specific pricing on one's identity. During registration, the user supplies information required to enable transactions, including, but not limited to User Name, password, "Ship-To" address, e-mail address and facility information.

Use of Information
Medibuy uses any information voluntarily given by its users to better their experience on the site, whether to provide personalized elements on the site or to better prepare future content and functionality based on the interests of users. Medibuy never shares information about any individual users with any third party.

Correct/Update Policy
Medibuy offers users the ability to correct or change the information collected during registration for the site (see above -- such changes may be completed by simply going to one's user profile and making changes to the data as it is displayed). Users may change this information at any time and as often as necessary. Users who are experiencing problems or who have any questions about how our services work can contact us toll-free at 800-879-5965 or e-mail us at support@medibuy.com. Medibuy Customer Support is available from 6AM to 7PM Central Standard Time, M-F. Emergency support is available via beeper 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the same phone numbers.

At Medibuy, we have a keen interest and a strong sense of commitment regarding the security of all data provided by our customers. We make every effort to ensure the protection of your personal and financial information from log in throughout the ordering process. The Medibuy Web site uses the latest encryption algorithms such as Secure Sockets Layer, allowing up to 128-bit encryption and will migrate to Transport Layer Security as security protocols merge in the future. Specifically, here is how we implement various security procedures to protect your data.

Individual User Name and Password
You authenticate your online session by entering your User Name and password, both of which are encrypted as they pass over the Internet. When you enroll with Medibuy, you will establish your initial online password, but you can change your password as often as you like.

Timed Log Off
If you forget to log off, Medibuy does it for you by terminating your online session if there is no activity for 20 minutes.

Additionally, our network infrastructure is state of the art and has been configured with some of the best anti-intrusion technology available. We use firewalls and other devices to protect against unauthorized access to data, and we constantly monitor against attempts to break in to our systems.

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