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Your general use of our Marketplace is governed by our Terms and Conditions posted on this site and these Policies and Procedures. The Terms and Conditions and Policies and Procedures establish important legal rights and responsibilities. Please review them carefully before using any of our services available on this site.

Supplier Discretion
Every supplier using our e-commerce services shall have the sole right and discretion whether to accept a purchase request for products or services, and no supplier is under any obligation to fulfill any order without such acceptance.

Verification of Transactions; Voidable Transactions
Every healthcare provider and supplier will be responsible to confirm and verify the accuracy of the transactional information transmitted and received through our system, and will do so promptly after receipt of transaction information from us. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist users to correct errors in Medibuy data transmission. Healthcare providers and suppliers will cooperate with Medibuy and each other to correct any errors in transmission of user and transaction data. If a transaction is communicated or effected containing a material error or unauthorized modification of a material term, then the transaction will be voidable by the adversely affected party if that party immediately notifies the other party following discovery.

Penalties for Non-Compliance
Penalties for noncompliance with any Policies & Procedures will include, but will not be limited to, removal of the party from our services or system for an indefinite period of time to be determined solely by Medibuy.

Settling Disputes
Any dispute arising out of a transaction conducted using our system shall be resolved directly between healthcare provider and supplier and shall not involve Medibuy, either directly or indirectly. We are not liable in any way for the failure of a healthcare provider and supplier to complete a transaction.

Qualified Customers
We are a business-to-business e-commerce marketplace. Products are not sold to individual consumers. Only qualified healthcare providers and suppliers may use our e-commerce services.

No International Sales
At this time, our marketplace services are available only to healthcare providers located in the United States.

Product and Pricing Information
We make every effort to ensure that supplier product information is up to date and correct. However, product suppliers maintain and own the information presented through our system, and therefore we are not responsible for errors in specifications, prices, pictures, illustrations or text. In addition, we are not responsible for any errors or discrepancies in contract pricing provided by suppliers. The healthcare provider is responsible for determining the accuracy of contract pricing for its purchases. All orders are subject to acceptance by the supplier. The supplier may withdraw products included in its healthcare provider offering at any time.

Billing and Payment
Applicable payment method and terms for healthcare provider purchases are to be agreed upon by the healthcare provider and supplier with respect to each transaction between them. We make no representation regarding the acceptability of any payment terms or method proposed by any healthcare provider or supplier. All orders and payments must be made in U.S. dollars.

Sales Tax
Applicable sales tax on ordered products is determined as applicable by suppliers

Changing or Canceling an Order
Order changes or cancellations may be made at the suppliers' discretion, directly with the supplier based upon the supplier's business policies. Healthcare providers must contact the supplier directly to change or cancel an order.

Back Orders
To the extent such information is available and transmitted by a supplier through our systems, we will transmit such information to the healthcare provider when products are on backorder. Further back order inquiries, changes, or cancellations must be made to the supplier directly.

Shipping and Logistics
Shipping determinations are ultimately made by suppliers, however, products generally may be shipped to locations within the United States only. Shipping methods may vary by SKU and are selected during the order process. Unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by the supplier and healthcare provider in a transaction, suppliers manage shipment of all orders via the most economical means available from each supplier.

Your transaction is subject to the supplier's return policies. Therefore, healthcare providers should become familiar with the supplier's returns policy and all inquiries and arrangements regarding returns must be made with the supplier directly. Products returned to any of our offices will be refused and shipped back to the healthcare provider at the healthcare provider's expense.

Catalog Changes
A supplier's product offerings may be modified, voided or deleted by the supplier for any reason, without notice, and as necessary.

Reports and Printouts
Marketplace reports, screen shots, item listings and other reports and print outs are copyrighted material and may be used only for internal, legitimate purposes related to your purchasing and sale activities via our marketplace. Users may not use any such information obtained through our marketplace in any manner that is inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions, these Policies and Procedures and any applicable written agreement between the user and Medibuy.

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