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Whether you are a healthcare provider or supplier, Medibuy Integration Services will help you design, configure and implement your unique installation of the Medibuy supply chain solution. Working with staff from the healthcare provider's materials management and technology departments and the supplier's customer service and technology departments, Medibuy's integration teams work to ensure complete satisfaction with Medibuy's supply chain technology and processes. As your organization becomes integrated into the Medibuy Marketplace, many of the business process and technology gaps between your organization and your business partners are bridged allowing you to realize end to end e-commerce efficiencies.



Initial Meeting
Materials managers meet with Medibuy sales professionals to understand the basic product functionality and benefits.

Customer Commitment
A Master User Agreement is signed which allows Medibuy and the healthcare provider to move forward with a detailed technical discussion.

Technical Assessment
The Medibuy integration team and the provider's project team analyze the healthcare provider's technical environment, Medibuy's technology solutions, and how the two will work together.

Statement of Work
Once the healthcare provider's project team and Medibuy's integration team agree on an appropriate technical solution, a Statement of Work is created that signals initiation of implementation activities.

Implementation and Testing
Integration implementation and solution testing is completed to the satisfaction of the healthcare provider's project team and Medibuy's integration team.

When the healthcare provider is connected to the Medibuy Marketplace, ongoing support and evaluation begin.



Contracting and Discovery Phase
Business process leaders meet with Medibuy sales and integration professionals to understand the basic offering. During this phase, supplier service team members gather information about the company, products, and technology, to pre-qualify the supplier. Technical connectivity and implementation methodology questions and assumptions are discussed, ensuring project alignment prior to signing a contract.

Investigation and Preparation Phase
The project scope is completed together with the supplier. After analyzing technical and business process gaps, a supplier implementation plan is developed.

Implementation and Testing
Data mapping and configuration is completed and communications connectivity is ensured. In-depth testing then takes place, both internal to Medibuy and end-to-end with a test provider.

When the supplier is connected to the Medibuy Marketplace, ongoing support and continual boarding of new healthcare providers continues.

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