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Our Customer Support Center is dedicated to delivering quality, personalized solutions that enhance customer relationships, loyalty and satisfaction with every interaction.

If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties with our supply chain solutions, please contact Medibuy Customer Support.

Telephone: 615-279-2234
Toll Free: 800-879-5965
Customer Support is available from 6AM to 7PM Central Standard Time, M-F.
For emergencies, beeper support is available 24x7 through the same phone numbers.
Fax: 615-279-2201
E-mail: support@medibuy.com

Mailing Address:
Medibuy Customer Support
3322 West End Avenue
10th Floor
Nashville, TN 37203

Technical FAQs

Do I need to install special software to use Medibuy?
No. You need only an Internet service provider (ISP) with e-mail capability. Our applications are designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

Are there any restrictions with my password?
Passwords must be constructed using four to eight letters or numbers of your choice. No spaces may occur in the password, and all letters are case-sensitive.

What is the minimum browser release needed to use the Medibuy site?
Medibuy recommends that you use the most current browser release for optimal functionality and for a more secure online environment. The target platform for the current Medibuy site is Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5. We do not support browsers run on a Macintosh OS.

How do I determine browser type and version?
Use the settings appropriate for your computer system.

  • Internet Explorer
    • Click "Help - About Internet Explorer"

Download the latest version of Internet Explorer .

How do I enable my cookies on Internet Explorer?
Follow these steps to enable cookies:
*These instructions are valid for the latest browser release. For information about how to enable cookies on older versions of Internet Explorer, refer to your browser's Internet Explorer Help.

  • Click "Tools - Internet Options"
  • Click "Advanced" tab
  • Scroll down the list of functional titles to "Microsoft VM"

When you click on this functional title, it brings up a list of functions that have boxes next to them to enable or disable the function. Be sure that "Java logging enabled" is checked.

How do I set the cache settings for Internet Explorer 5.5?
Follow these steps to set the cache settings:

  • Click "Tools - Internet Options"
  • Under "Temporary Internet Files", click "Settings"
  • A dialog box will appear under "Check for Newer Versions of Stored Pages", select "Every visit to the page" and click "OK"
  • To clear the cache: under "Temporary Internet Files" select "Delete Files". A dialog box asks: "Do you want to delete all files in the Temporary Internet Files Folder?" Click "OK".

What are the standard technical requirements for desktop e-commerce?

  • Pentium® processor or equivalent
  • 166 MHz (or faster)
  • 40 MB free on hard drive
  • 32MB RAM
  • 28.8K Fax modem (56K recommended) / or Internet connection
  • Mouse/Keyboard
  • 15" Color monitor (or larger)
    • 800 x 600 Resolution
    • 256 Colors minimum (65,536 preferred)


  • Windows® 95, 98, Windows NT® 4.0, or Windows 2000®

Internet Browser

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.5 (or above)
  • JavaScript, Cookies, Java Enabled


  • Internet access via dial up (ordinary) phone service or,
  • ISDN, DSL, Cable or Lan/Wan connection to the Internet
  • Medibuy provides custom solutions for healthcare provider MMIS integration and supplier installations.

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