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The Medibuy Marketplace is the collaboration environment that connects healthcare providers, suppliers, and service providers. This e-commerce hub allows healthcare trading partners to quickly share critical information, such as price to help ensure smooth, efficient functioning of the supply chain. The Medibuy Marketplace brings the world's most successful e-marketplace operating environment to the healthcare industry. Built upon Commerce One's open, secure, and proven platform, the Medibuy Marketplace allows for rapid integration of new and existing technologies. Its open, flexible architecture facilitates collaborative processes, communications, and transactions while providing the stability and security needed by healthcare.

The Medibuy Marketplace is compatible with legacy systems, allowing you to leverage your existing IT investment. Since healthcare trading partners connect through a single integration point, the Medibuy Marketplace eliminates the need for multiple point-to-point communications that you currently establish and maintain. Because the Medibuy Marketplace is format neutral and supports multiple standards, it can receive and transmit information using formats and protocols specified by you. This means you can take advantage of the Medibuy Marketplace with your prevailing communications assets and security infrastructure with reduced risk.

The Medibuy Marketplace enables trading partners with such varied formats as EDI, XML, flat files and spreadsheets to send and receive Advance Shipping Notices, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Acknowledgements and others.

Integration with the Medibuy Marketplace is available through Medibuy Access, Medibuy's state-of-the-art B2B integration tools. The Medibuy Marketplace represents a secure, scalable, single point of integration that can bring added value to your entire healthcare supply chain.

Ease of connection

  • Secure, scalable, single point of supply chain interaction
  • Easy migration to XML-based standards

Reduced cost

  • Affordable electronic connection
  • Reductions in administrative costs

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