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Medibuy provides significant value to manufacturers and distributors by providing targeted access to a major healthcare marketplace, enabling end-to-end e-commerce transactions and data capture. Medibuy creates the common link between manufacturers, distributors, local facilities, IDNs and GPOs. When you integrate with Medibuy, your products are more likely to become an integral component of healthcare providers' purchasing.

By automating purchasing transaction processes, Medibuy also helps improve the quality and efficiency of your business. Medibuy's supply chain solutions enable suppliers to focus attention on doing what they do best -- delivering world-class healthcare products and services.

Medibuy's product and service offering to suppliers is implemented in phases.

Phase I -- Basic System Connectivity

Initially, Medibuy will focus on basic system connectivity -- establishing an EDI or XML connection between healthcare providers and suppliers via the Medibuy Marketplace. Our objective is to increase the number of electronic trading partners by converting phone/fax to electronic orders, where appropriate. To accomplish this goal, Medibuy is integrating healthcare providers and suppliers with one system connectivity solution. Once completed, this one-to-many connection will increase the number of electronic trading partners and the percentage of electronic orders without adding incremental expense.

Benefits to suppliers for joining the Medibuy Marketplace:

  • Access to an established healthcare provider marketplace -- relationships with 42% of the US acute care market
  • Synchronizes processes and technology between healthcare providers and suppliers
  • Drives end-to-end supply chain efficiencies

Phase II -- On-Line Catalog

After our system connectivity process is complete, suppliers will engage in Phase II, Medibuy's on-line catalog. Medibuy intends to offer our healthcare providers basic product information provided by the suppliers to encourage on-line healthcare provider purchasing. Suppliers may provide additional marketing information such as white papers, brochures, video and audio clips, product training, etc., maintained by supplier organizations thus ensuring accurate up-to-date information. If available from the supplier, Medibuy will also have the ability to provide real-time pricing and availability information via an XML link.

Phase II Benefits:

  • Improves supplier and provider productivity relating to the procurement process
  • Enables fast and easy updates to product information; potentially reduces product literature expense
  • Provides product branding opportunities to end-users and decision makers
  • Provides vehicle for end-user product training

For more information, contact our Supplier Sales Team or see Integration Services.

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