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- Medibuy's comprehensive, web-based, paperless "requisition to PO" workflow application, built specifically for healthcare. With on-screen requisition review capabilities, Reqs enables you to operate and manage the entire requisitioning process online. Reqs tracks requisitions in real time throughout your approval process, saving time and eliminating paperwork.

Reqs integrates your MMIS with the Medibuy Marketplace through Medibuy Access, enabling automated processing of seamless, secure transactions. Integration with the Medibuy Marketplace enables accurate, end-to-end e-commerce transactions and data capture with hundreds of healthcare trading partners. The Medibuy Marketplace enables requisitioners to source approved products, services and equipment, and features customer specific pricing, Web-delivered exception reporting for faster invoice reconciliation and Web-delivered activity reporting for more effective order monitoring.


  • Creates requisitions
    • Catalog requisitions
    • Material requisitions for pre-approved items (PAR)
    • Special purchase requests (SPR)
      • Check requests
      • Capital equipment purchase requests
      • Bill only requests
  • Automates approval routing
  • Monitors and manages requisitioning process with real-time status
  • Monitors and manages process with real-time information
  • Receives acknowledgements from suppliers
  • Generates requisition reports
    • Activity reports
    • Requisition status
    • Expense reports
    • GL account reports

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