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Medibuy provides healthcare professionals a complete suite of purchasing solutions to streamline processes and improve efficiency throughout the supply chain. Through our online marketplace, Medibuy provides substantial benefits to healthcare providers by reducing order processing time and costs, providing a convenient single connection to products, services and equipment for healthcare and delivering transaction information to support purchasing decisions.

By integrating with leading MMIS and ERP systems and automating enterprise-wide procurement processes, Medibuy facilitates affordable standardization of the procurement cycle - from a desktop paperless order process to powerful inventory management controls. Medibuy helps healthcare providers comprehensively manage supplies across the entire health system.

Benefits to healthcare providers for joining the Medibuy marketplace:

  • Streamline the purchasing process
  • Reduce order processing time and costs
  • Complete suite of purchasing solutions
  • Single source for products, services and equipment
  • Seamless solutions that integrate with pre-existing technology infrastructure
  • Secure transactions
  • Transaction data capture and reporting

Customize the solution that is right for you

Medibuy supports a variety of procurement needs with entry points for many budget levels and types of integration. Medibuy's Healthcare Provider Integration Team will work with your existing technologies to provide seamless business process automation. We can help you design, configure and implement your unique installation of the Medibuy supply chain solution.

For more information, contact our Sales team.

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