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Medibuy has established, and will continue to establish, strategic relationships with firms whose products, services, or market presence enhance our ability to execute our core strategies. Among the most significant relationships are the following:
Premier Inc. is the parent company for an alliance of approximately 215 not-for-profit hospital and healthcare systems and is one of the largest GPOs in the United States. Medibuy will develop supply chain solutions for Premier and will be the exclusive provider of e-commerce services supporting Premier's 1,800 member hospitals.
HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG), L.P. is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) established in May, 1999 with the goal of providing superior services to both our patients and our members in a cost effective manner. HPG negotiates with the nation's leading suppliers to provide member facilities with only the highest quality supplies, equipment, and other services at the most competitive prices through national supply agreements.
HCA owns and operates approximately 200 hospitals and other healthcare facilities in 24 states. HCA is dedicated to providing healthcare services that meet each community's local healthcare needs. HCA seeks to integrate various services to deliver patient care with maximum quality and efficiency. Medibuy will develop supply chain solutions for HCA and will be the exclusive provider of e-commerce services to HCA's member hospitals.
Commerce One® (NASDAQ: CMRC) is the e-marketplace company. Through its software, services and Global Trading Web™ of interconnected business communities, Commerce One enables worldwide commerce on the Internet. Together, Medibuy and Commerce One will establish a powerful e-commerce platform for the healthcare industry.
Quovadx, Inc. brings a total business integration solution that combines deep sector knowledge with the industry's best technologies. By streamlining business processes Quovadx accelerates time to market, and creates new revenue opportunities, unlocking the value of previous IT investments and achieving rapid return on investment.
IPNet Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of business-to-business connectivity and supply chain collaboration solutions. With its award-winning server, PC and browser-based solutions, IPNet enables all partners to transact business, share information and collaborate securely over the Internet. By integrating and synchronizing information real-time between trading partners, IPNet unleashes the ROI of legacy systems. Medibuy is working with IPNet to integrate customers to provide a fast and easy e-commerce solution.
HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) provides leadership in healthcare for the management of technology, information, and change through publications, educational opportunities, and member services. HIMSS has more than 43 chapters and more than 12,000 members working in healthcare organizations throughout the world. Members include healthcare professionals in hospitals, corporate healthcare systems, clinical practice groups, vendor organizations, healthcare consulting firms, and government settings in professional levels ranging from senior staff to CIOs and CEOs.
Coalition for Healthcare e-Standards was founded by four of the largest group purchasing organizations in healthcare and three e-commerce companies, including Medibuy, serving hospitals and the healthcare industry, which have joined forces to adopt and promote uniform industry data standards for supply chain transactions over the Internet.
HEDIC's (Healthcare EDI Coalition) mission is to improve the efficiency of E*Business in healthcare through the collaborative development and optimization of the Electronic Data Infrastructure (EDI) across the healthcare industry. This "Infrastructure" includes the use of Bar-Codes, Automatic Identification and Data Capture, Electronic Data Interchange, Internet and VAN Communications, and Industry Data Repositories based on the adoption and use of universal electronic data standards.
HIBCC (Health Industry Business Communications Council) is an industry-sponsored and supported nonprofit organization. As an ANSI-accredited organization, our primary function is to facilitate electronic communications by developing appropriate standards for information exchange among all health care trading partners.
HIDA (Health Industry Distributors Association) is devoted exclusively to providing outstanding and timely services that anticipate and meet the unique and ever changing needs of its members, medical products distributors and home care companies in all market segments of the healthcare industry.

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