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- Medibuy Access integrates healthcare provider and supplier systems with the Medibuy Marketplace, enabling automated processing of seamless, secure transactions. Integration with Medibuy Marketplace enables end-to-end e-commerce transactions, data capture and connectivity with healthcare trading partners. The Medibuy Marketplace features customer specific pricing, Web-delivered exception reporting for faster invoice reconciliation and exception management, and Web-delivered activity reporting for more effective order monitoring. Access leverages your existing EDI and XML technology investments to plug your current MMIS or ERP system into the power of Medibuy's Marketplace. Medibuy's Integration Services team implements the Access product.

Medibuy's Access integration tools enable you to complete transactions over the Internet, eliminating inefficient manual processes and paper purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices.


  • Enhanced order cycle management replaces phone and fax ordering
  • Integration of your current EDI or XML technology into expanded networks of healthcare providers or suppliers
  • Single point of contact to support procurement in most of your organization
  • Seamless business process automation
  • Simplified maintenance and support via online technology upgrades

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