empactHealth.com will be implementing its empactBuy and empactSupply solutions in provider and supplier organizations, respectively, in the first quarter of 2000. Both solutions are based on technology from Commerce One, the global leader in business-to-business electronic procurement solutions for multiple industries. Both empactBuy and empactSupply will include:

  1. An easy-to-use web browser front end for accessing and exchanging information and managing transactions in the empactHealth.com supply chain marketplace.
  2. A full range of "order2payment" transaction functionality that integrates into the workflow of both buyers and suppliers so as to enable the full range of supply procurement transactions via the Internet/Intranets.
  3. Value-added online "community" features such as customer support, education and training, customer surveys and feedback.
  4. The "empactCommerceEngine" which maintains "eCatalog" and transaction history information and provides the linkage and integration necessary into providers' and suppliers' back-end systems. The empactCommerceEngine maintained by empactHealth.com is the technology foundation of both solutions and the "glue" that links the healthcare supplier and provider communities together via the Internet. empactHealth.com, with its own internal resources and external integration partners, will provide the technology expertise to interface to both buyers' and suppliers' current workflow systems.

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