empactBuy is a comprehensive "order2payment" Intranet/Internet solution that enables Materials Managers and others throughout the healthcare provider enterprise to make purchases over the Internet from the online catalogs of multiple suppliers. empactBuy automates the requisition/approval process, enforces purchasing policies, creates and reconciles PO's, creates vouchers for payment, tracks order status, manages inventory, enables auctioning and RFP/RFQ processes--and performs other mission critical order management/supply procurement functions online.

empactBuy enables providers to reduce off-contract supply purchases, reduce requisition, purchase order and related processing fees--as well as locate and purchase lower cost supplies that typically represent 10-15% of a hospital's revenues. In so doing empactBuy will dramatically decrease providers' current $100-150 cost of processing an individual purchase order.

See Commerce One's Buysite for additional information.

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