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Product Information
Approximately how many inventory items (SKUs or Stock Keeping Units) do you have?
How often do you update your catalog content?
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How frequently do you update your customer price lists?
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If yes, please explain (i.e. minimum order requirements, tiered pricing, configuration tools needed):
What sorts of product promotions and/or specials are common with your company?
Sales Promotions Conversions from other vendor pricing
New product specials Guaranteed savings
Volume pricing Discounts for early payment
Rebates Other (please provide a short explanation)   

Information Technology
What Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system does your company have?
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Lawson Other (please explain)   
What computer operating system does your ERP system use?
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What database does it use?

Internet Information
Does your company have an internal intranet? Yes No
Does your company participate on an extranet with customers?
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Approximately how many of your employees have access and/or authorization to use the Internet?
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What type of electronic commerce initiatives are you currently involved in?
Do you have an electronic catalog that includes product description? Yes No
If yes, what percentage of the items have a product description? %
Does it include pictures? Yes No
If so, what format?
Access Quark/Pagemaker
Text Excel
HTML Other (please explain)    
How do you manage your catalog content with respect to your commodity space?
In house, who is responsible?
3rd party, who are you using?

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