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Last Updated April 07, 1998 21:51:05PM GMT

Note: On February 13, 1998, Smithware was acquired by Pervasive Software. This site is an archive of the materials that were on the Smithware site when was routed to This site is maintained for archival purposes only.

Smithware is a leading manufacturer of Software Solutions for the Real World™.

The company provides a full line of Btrieve* database development and reporting tools including an Internet database solution, a set of ActiveX controls, an OEM version of Crystal Reports, and other tools for database definition (DDF creation and maintenance), advanced development, and data analysis. Smithware's tools make Btrieve easier to use and more effective within IS organizations and packaged software applications.

In addition to software manufacturing, Smithware publishes Btrieve Developer's Journal, the leading source of news and information on Btrieve-related products and services. The company also provides software design, consulting, training, and support services.

*Used in over 70% of accounting systems running on personal computers around the world, Btrieve remains a very popular embedded database because of its small memory footprint, ease of administration, fault tolerance, and scalability from small systems to large Client/Server environments.

Copyright © 1988, 1998 by Smithware, Inc. All rights reserved.
Smithware, Controls for Btrieve, DDF Builder, DDF Sniffer, Btrieve Developer's Journal, and Software Solutions for the Real World are trademarks of Smithware, Inc. Btrieve is a registered trademark of Pervasive Software, Inc. ActiveX, Windows, Windows NT, and Internet Explorer are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. All other product or brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
NEWS FLASH! On February 13, 1998, Smithware was acquired by Pervasive Software, the makers of Btrieve. All support, sales, or other questions should be directed to Pervasive Software. Smithware operations ceased as of April 7, 1998 and this site is maintained for archival purposes only. Be sure to read the joint Pervasive-Smithware press release on the acquisition and also read a special message from Smithware President and CEO, Scott Smith (Word 97 document, 126K).
Smithware I*net Data Server Product InformationNow you can run your existing applications over the Internet without change or recompiling your application. Sound interesting? Check out The IDS DLL Client and see exactly how I*net Data Server makes it possible!
DDF Builder wins the 1998 Access Office VB Advisor Readers Choice Silver Award! Readers of Access Office VB Advisor agree that DDF Builder is a great way to build, edit, and maintain DDFs. DDF Builder wins the 1998 Access Office VB Advisor Readers Choice Silver Award!
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More Information
Smithware User Group Discussion Forum Now On-Line. Read and post messages concerning Btrieve, Smithware Products, and Scalable SQL.

Products Manufactured By Smithware
Activex Controls for Btrieve. Create powerful client/server database applications in any language or environment that supports industry-standard ActiveX technology.

I*net Data Server. Easy to use web/Internet database development solution for businesses using Btrieve.

Crystal Reports for Btrieve. Enables versatile reporting from Btrieve and over 25 other databases.

DDF Builder. The #1 tool for creating Data Dictionary Files to define Btrieve data.

DDF Sniffer. Automatically parses existing Btrieve data files, looking for fields of information.

VBX Controls for Btrieve. Custom controls which give you unprecedented access to your Btrieve data from within Visual Basic 3.0.

Butility for DOS. Keeps you in control of your Btrieve files using HEX or decimal values.

Products Available from the Smithware Product Marketing Group
BSqueeze. File integrity management utility that performs an automated, efficient and rapid file check or rebuild of data files at the server level.

Btrieve. As the industry standard navigational client/server database, Btrieve is used by professional developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and value-added resellers (VARs) to build mission critical applications.

ODBC Interface. The industry-standard solution for connecting ODBC-compliant applications and tools to access Scalable SQL and Btrieve databases.

Scalable SQL. The leading SQL database for delivering client/server applications.

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