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Welcome to Regional Airways!

Regional Airways is an aircraft charter company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. We provide safe, reliable, and fun transportation for both business and personal trips. Using state-of-the-art aircraft equipment, we provide the safest and most comfortable means of charter air transportation available in the Southeastern United States.

One of the most unique features of Regional Airways is that we are the only aircraft charter company in the area that allows you to Price and Schedule any flight to anywhere in the country. What we quote for a trip's price is EXACTLY what you will pay. Take a look at our Schedule a Flight section today to plan your next trip.

All Regional Airways planes are equipped with the latest computer and satellite navigation technology. In fact, our planes fly with as much sophisticated navigation equipment as a modern commercial Boeing 737. We also require that our pilots regularly attend high-quality simulator training classes at SimCom, the best flight safety and training facility in the world.

Here is some of the equipment that makes flying Regional Airways the Best Way to Get There:

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