N19411 Specifications

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N19411 at JWN on 03-21-1999

Maintenance Comments


1969 Mooney M20F "Executive" S/N 690085
Registration: N19411
Total Time Airframe: 3300
Total Time Engine Since New: 1300 (Lycoming IO-360-A1A 200 HP fuel injected)
Total Time Since Top Overhaul: 190
Total Time Propeller Since New: 190 (Hartzell 3 blade)
Annual Completed: August 1999
All Logbooks
IFR certified
All AD's complied with (including the AD for the Aileron Control links)


Gross Weight: 2740 lbs.
Airframe: 10 inches longer than an M20C or M20E (Additional 5" in rear seat leg room and 5" in baggage compartment)
Useful Load: 1,090 lbs
Fuel: 64 gallon capacity
Full Fuel Useful Load: 690 lbs. A true 4 person airplane
Baggage compartment: 110 lbs max plus 10 lbs in the "hat rack"
Electric Gear and Flaps


White with Dark Blue and Light Gray stripes. Painted 1996. Excellent condition '10'
Side Glass: Excellent condition
Front Glass: Excellent condition


Beige Leather, Excellent condition '10'
New Leather Interior: February 1999
New Carpet: February 1999


King KX-155 Nav/Com with Glideslope
JPI EDM-700 4 probe engine monitor with EGT and CHT
King KX-125 Nav/Com with Localizer and digital CDI
Terra TMA350D Audio Panel with 4 place Intercom and 3 Light Marker Beacon receiver
King KT 76A Transponder with Encoder (AD N/A)
Narco 890 DME
Brittan PC (Positive Control) autopilot


LASAR Cowl Mod
One piece windshield
Dual Brakes
SB-208A and B complied with: no corrosion of steel cabin frame, replaced insulation
SB-264 complied with: New Aileron Control Links
4 place intercom
New Mooney Yokes August 1999
New Whalen Wingtip and Tail Strobes August 1999
New Strobe Anti-Collision Strobe August 1999
New Hartzell 3 blade propeller with chrome spinner
New Tachometer
New Starter
New Vacuum Pump
New Fuel Servo (to comply with AD)
New Battery
New KX-125
New EMD-700
New Terra TMA350D Auto Panel and 3 LMB
New engine mounts
All new hoses
All engine and fuel gauges work. Original-optional EGT inoperative but replaced by EDM-700 engine monitor
All flight instruments and engine instruments in working order
All avionics in working order
No engine squawks
Custom cover
GPS Floor RAM Mount
Original yoke clock in working order in panel

Maintenance Comments

Oil: AeroShell 15W/50
Oil Filter: CH48110
Oil Filter Safety Wire: .32 Guage

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