1994 Rans S-4 Coyote I UL

Excellent Condition, 50H TT, Owner-built, always hangared at MRC, $9,500

The perfect airplane for Saturday afternoon airport hopping or low-and-slow sightseeing.

For more information contact Scott Smith Phone: 615-xxx-xxxx or Steve Mook Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Airframe: In-flight adjustable elevator trim tab; Aluminum airfoil lift struts; Telflex operated Ailerons; Cable operated rudder; Push-pull tube operated elevator; Dual elevator horns; Foldable tail (3 minutes); Quick detach wings (15 minutes); Ground adjustable flaps; 2 1/4 diameter and 1 5/8 diameter wing sparts; 3/32 stainless steel tail cables; Fuselage of tube and gusset design, uses AN-grade bolts & stainless steel rivets. Blue 4 oz. Dacron skins with black and purple trim; Fiberglass cowl (Top removes with 1/4 turn screws); 4 1/4" drum "toe" brakes; Spun Aluminum Wheels; 4130 bungee landing gear; Steerable tailwheel; Fully upholstered seat (adjustable fore and aft, up and down); Smoked Lexan polycarbonate doors & windshield; Adjustible air vents; Fully enclosed cockpit.

Powerplant: Rotax 503 SC, 46HP; 4130 motor mount; 4-point vibration isolation; IVOPROP composite 2-blade ground-adjustable prop with spinner; 5 Gallon fiberglass fuel tank; 50 hours total time engine & airframe.

Panel: Airpath panel-mount compass, clock, 10-100 (mph) ASI; United Instruments 10K sensitive altimeter, Westach tach/hourmeter; dual EGT; dual CHT; Three-position keyed mag switch; slip indicator; External antenna, jack, stick-mounted PTT for for handheld NAV/COM radio, headset.

Extras: Fascet electric auxilliary fuel pump, 7 gal fiberglass additional wing tank kit (not installed); 15 gal fuel cart w/ 12v electric pump; Delcom Air-960 handheld; Garmin GPS-55 with mount.

RANS S-4/5 Spec Sheet
Click for larger image... RANS Coyote Specifications and Performance

Wing Span29.5 ft
Area127 sq ft
Chord4' 4"
Length17 ft
Height5' 8"
Gear Width5' 1"
No. of Seats1
Head Room36"
Leg Room40"
Cockpit Width2' 1"
Cockpit Height3' 5"
Fuel Capacity5 gal/US
EngineRotax 503 SC
Output46 hp
Propeller2-Blade ground-adjustable
Fuel Consumption (85%)3.5 Gal/hr
Take Off Roll with brakes60 ft
Rate of Climb800 fpm
Service Ceiling15,000 ft
Cruise Speed (75%)60 mph
Maximum Speed (VNE)95 mph
Glide Ratio, no doors6:1
Power Off Stall, w/Flaps27 mph
Power on Stall, w/Flaps22 mph
Landing Roll w/brakes60 ft
Landing Roll w/o brakes100 ft
Load Factors+6 -3