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The IDS DLL Client
Now you can run existing Win32 and DOS* applications over the
Internet without changing or recompiling your application!

The I*net Data Server DLL Client allows existing Win32 and DOS* applications to access Btrieve data over the I*net without changing or recompiling the application. This gives developers the ability to "Internet enable" heritage applications very simply. Using the IDS DLL Client provides developers with an immediate Internet solution for existing applications. Imagine telling your customers that they can run their application over the Internet today! Check it out...


The following describes how I*net Data Server can enable heritage Btrieve applications over the Internet with little to no change to the application.

The IDS DLL Client is a DLL replacement for the standard WBTRV32.DLL which exposes the BTRV and BTRVID call interface. The IDS DLL Client is called SBTRV32.DLL. It uses an API that is very similar to the Btrieve for Windows interface and can replace or augment the standard WBTRV32.DLL. Because we've optimized the IDS DLL Client for performance over the I*net and because it converts calls made to the standard WBTRV32.DLL API into calls that I*net Data Server can understand, it can not be used by itself as a direct drop-in replacement for WBTRV32.DLL in existing applications.

However, the IDS Developer's Kit includes a DLL Client sample that is a drop-in replacement for WBTRV32.DLL; it converts calls made to the standard WBTRV32.DLL API into calls that SBTRV32.DLL can send to the IDS server. This file and the source code are located in the IDSSDK\DLL\Samples\WBTRV32 subdirectory or, IDS developers can download this file from the file name is

To enable legacy applications to run over the Internet, I*net Data Server Developer's follow these easy steps:

1) Copy the IDS WBTRV32.DLL drop-in replacement (20K) to the application directory (the directory from which the executable will be running).

2) Start the application.

3) A dialog box will appear with text boxes for an IP address and a server directory, along with a checkbox which, when checked, will save these entries into the registry. The IP address may be either a dot address ( or a DNS entry ( The server directory specified is relative to the virtual root as defined by the server. If saved to the registry, this dialog will not appear on subsequent uses of the IDS WBTRV32.DLL drop-in replacement. Should you need to change or delete the registry entries, use regedit and search for either WBTRV32 or the IP address you entered before saving it.

4) If the IDS server has been set up with security, the logon dialog will appear.

5) Your application will now run over the Internet!

*Notes on using the IDS WBTRV32.DLL drop-in replacement:

1) Only Win32 applications are supported by this DLL. DOS applications can be Internet-enabled by using them in conjunction with another product, called Btrieve-in-a-Box, which can also be purchased from Smithware, a Pervasive Software Company. For more information, call 615-386-3100x6 or send e-mail to DOS applications enabled in this manner must be running inside a DOS box on either Windows 95 or Windows NT.

2) Windows 3.1 applications are not currently supported. If this is a need for you, please contact us.

3) The standard WBTRV32.DLL expects a key buffer length of 255 bytes. Some DOS applications may have different key buffer lengths. If your DOS application does not use 255 bytes as the key buffer length, it will not work without increasing this size to 255. In this case, you will need to recompile your application using 255 as your key buffer length.

4) Because legacy applications were written for large bandwidth situations, their performance may or may not be suitable when run over the Internet. Unfortunately, the only solution for unsuitable performance is to rewrite critical sections using more efficient code.

5) Additionally, the IDS WBTRV32.DLL drop-in replacement does not take advantage of IDS efficiency mechanisms other than compression, so performance will not be as fast as applications written directly to SBTRV32.DLL (the IDS DLL client).

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As you can see Smithware's I*net Data Server simplifies the entire process of building database applications for the I*net. IDS takes what is often a complex and unfamiliar process and makes it straightforward and familiar. If you have any questions about how you can use I*net Data Server as your Internet database solution, just give us a call; USA 800-828-7438, International +615-386-3100x6 or send us an e-mail at

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