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Smithware is a leading manufacturer of Software Solutions for the Real World™.

The company provides a full line of Btrieve* database development and reporting tools including an Internet database solution, a set of ActiveX controls, an OEM version of Crystal Reports with optional support for Magic, and other tools for database definition (DDF creation and maintenance), advanced development, and data analysis. Smithware's tools make Btrieve easier to use and more effective within IS organizations and packaged software applications.

In addition to software manufacturing, Smithware publishes Btrieve Developer's Journal, the leading source of news and information on Btrieve-related products and services. The company also provides software design, consulting, training, and support services.

*Used in over 70% of accounting systems running on personal computers around the world, Btrieve remains a very popular embedded database because of its small memory footprint, ease of administration, fault tolerance, and scalability from small systems to large Client/Server environments.

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