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My name is Scott Austin Smith, a native of Memphis, Tennessee and currently a very settled and happy resident of Nashville, Tennessee. This site is a compendium of facts, thoughts, photographs, people, projects and just about anything else trivial or important that I have been involved or interested in over many years. There are only a hand-full of people who might find any of this interesting or useful, but if you do, enjoy! It's amazing that the online world has advanced to the point that we can share information like this. Remember when you were ten years old (1974 for me...) and had to go to the library to research anything that you were interested in? Wow, how times change.

There is a lot of information on this site about the work that I have done over many years. I spent the better part of that time building several Information Technology companies from Smithware, Pervasive Software, eHC.com, empactHealth.com, to Medibuy. In 2003 I reinvented Smithware as a consulting firm providing CIO (Chief Information Officer) services for small and medium sized companies.

I have amassed an extremely large amount of material on this site on a myrid of topics. There are secions of this site that are dedicated to several family members and friends under the People Menu. My Grandfather, Leslie G. Smith, was one of the most influential people in my life and I've collected several photographs and audio and video
recordings of both him and my Grandmother, Catherine Martin Smith, in this site. There are also connections to other friend and family member web sites there.

Under the Interests menu, there are several pages that present various things that I am currently or have been interested in. Interests include Ham radio, the Henry Savage Ham Radio Club, church, aviation, renovated houses, places that I have been, diabetes, and Clinton, Alabama which is where some of my family originates. All these things are represented here. Some in excruciating detail, others with simple collections of related topics.

One of my favorite things on my site is my online photo database. This is a system that I developed to store all of my digital photos and digital scans of photos and documents that I've collected over the years. I developed this in 2003 before there were good online options for storing and sharing photos. The main feature that I have that I have not found in other photo systems is the ability to search by people and date.

Here's the bottom line: this site is here to document all of the various things that I've been interested in over the years. It's really just a very big storage place for a bunch of stuff!

Feel free to contact me via e-mail at any time.

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